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  Self Service e-Leave features where apply leave, approve / reject / cancel, check leave request status, and check leave balance online.

  Email notifications of leave requests, approvals, and rejections.

  Approve or reject leave request directly in email.

  Audit trails of all approved, cancelled and rejected leave request. Even created and updated a document.

  Add custom leave types. E.g.: Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Study Leave, and etc.

  Configurable leave policy on different leave types. E.g.: Entitlement based on service month, carry forward, carry forward expired, and etc.

  Automatic accruals leave balance by monthly or yearly in leave policy.

  Support full or half day leave request.

  Configurable leave approval workflows.

  Support company holiday for different offices located in different countries.

  Administrator can apply leave on behalf of employees.

  Support unlimited users with or without email.

  Company calendar allows employees to know who is on leave at a glance.

  Export report to CSV for easy sharing and custom reporting purposes.

  Attachable supporting document on leave submission.

  Ability to define Event days (days where employees cannot request leave).

  Automated Organization Chart.


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