Executive Talk – HR Software for SME with TLS

Executive Talk – HR Software for SME with TLS

November 3, 2017 Blog, Executive Interview 0

We are doing a campaign to get to know our customer better. This is the first of the series “Executive Talk – HR Software for SME” with Total Logistic Services (M) Sdn. Bhd (TLS), one of first few company on board HRSifu.

We are please to introduce Mohd Rusdi bin Mohd Mokhtar, Senior Executive at TLS.

HRSifu Executive Talk: HR Software for SME with Mohd Rusdi

1. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

I’m the HR Senior Executive for TLS. I have been working with TLS for 15 years and joined HR department for 4 years now. My current focus is on recruitment for TLS.

2. Tell us more about TLS?

Total Logistic Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1993 and commenced operations in 1994. Being backed Toyota Tsusho Corporation & Fujitrans Corporation, TLS started as a forwarding company processing container shipment from Port Klang. From this TLS expanded its business portfolio to offering warehousing & transportation services.

TLS currently have around 350 employees in 6 branches across Malaysia. There are 6 of us at HR Department and assisted by admin at the different branches.

3. What is the biggest challenge as a HR in your company?

Currently, maintaining the headcount of staff is very important for the company. We are a service company thus we strive to improve the development of the team. Usage of online software helps reduce the time spend on manual checking and processing thus HR can be more productive for company employees growth.

4. What benefit of online software for SME?

Increase of productivity. Less time is spend on manual data entry and report generation. It was quite hard to keep track of the leave balance previously. We have better control of the leave policy with HRSifu leave management system. Less abuse because the system does the check and prevents any staff from applying more leave than what they entitled.

5. Why some SME not using online software?

The initiative must come from key person in the company. There’s still a perception that software is expensive. Some executives doesn’t know that there are online solutions that can fit into the company.

It also depends on the work load of the staff. They will not look for solution if they can still manage to do it manually.

Implementing a new system into the company will take time to train the users. So an easy to use software is very important.

6. Do you like our new homepage?

Yes, it provides a fresh new look.

7. How was leave management handled before using HRSifu?

We were using HR2000 previously. TLS decided to move to another solution because of the rising cost of HR2000.

8. What convinced you to choose HRSifu over other software vendors?

HRSifu provides the simplicity to get started. There’s no installation needed. We just registered, set up the company leave policies and user accounts. No training is needed even for the end users. We just send an email to the users informing the usage of HRSifu and they can start using HRSifu for the leave management. Admin is helping on the leave management for the operators.

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