Executive Talk – Philip Low from PhilJobs, HR Outsourcing Company

Executive Talk – Philip Low from PhilJobs, HR Outsourcing Company

November 20, 2017 Blog, Executive Interview 0

We get a chance to meetup with another pioneer HRSifu user from PhilJobs, HR Outsourcing Company.

Let me introduce Philip Low.

1. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

I worked in the HR Department in a Hotel at Penang. I joined Ace Dot My Sdn. Bhd. during the early development of the company and left as HR Manager in 2017. Ace has managed to grow over the years but I felt it was time for me to come out and start my own HR Outsourcing Company.

2. What is the biggest challenge as a HR in your company?

Retention of good employees is the key to a company’s growth. When you managed to hire good candidates, we must do our best to retain them. Companies should provide good benefit to the employees, such as training and perks to motivate the staff. My biggest challenge was to initiate events and review policy changes to keep our company’s perks and benefit up to par with other businesses. This mainly involves a lot of brain storming together with the Directors and Managers.

3. Why some SME not using HR software?

When it comes to HR Software the HR/Admin department are concerned that their roles may be replaced and that they will lose their jobs. Many still use manual paper filing and excel sheet to track information. A lot of time are spend on data entry. There are individuals who do not understand the software which helps to automate part of process and reduce redundancy. From my experience I personally view HR Software solution as a “MUST” in order to move forward with the current trend and technology.

4. How was leave management handled before using HRSifu?

I’m a strong supporter of HRSifu’s Leave Management System. Before using HRSifu at ACE Dot My Sdn. Bhd., at the beginning our admins and myself used forms filled manually and excel to keep track of leave, OT, and other HR related matters.

Once the company grew, we purchased a HR payroll and leave software hosted locally in our premise by a third party service provider. It was costly to implement and very time consuming for training and compatibility testing. The software used had a complicated interface and always had connection issues for certain computers in our building which caused a lot of inconvenience and miscommunication.

I searched out for other alternative and found HRSifu. I signed up and got a small group of colleagues to test out the app with me for a period of time. After using it for awhile, I found that HRSifu fits what we needed and it was really easy to use. Thus I proposed to the Managing Director and got his approval to bring the whole company on board HRSifu.

5. How was the experience getting on board HRSifu?

Initial setting up was all about getting used to the functions and features. I had to to understand the terms used in HRSifu when setting up leave policies. The flexibility of HRSifu’s leave policy is one of its strong feature allowing user to customize their terms and condition. It’s good to see that HRSifu have improved on the documentation to guide admin on setting up the system.

Registering an employee was straightforward, it is simple for the end user to log in and use the system from anywhere, What i liked most was the compatibility, be it a smart phone, tablet of computer, users can log in and out anytime to apply leave or to see the schedule of the entire workforce to coordinate projects and assignments. No formal training was needed although there were briefings from time to time should there be updates (Significant ones only). As for the management side, we find it convenient to approve and keep track of the workforce without needing to be at the office all the time especially if your workforce is always on the move for outstation assignments.

What I like about HRSifu was the fact that they kept on improving the interface and adding feature improvements throughout the year. Example, substitute manager approval, event calendar and the recently added importing holiday from list. Hope to see more features but have to keep it simple for user.

6. What features would be good on HRSifu?

  1. Adding payroll would be good. Even a simple payroll template would simplify the need for manual work done by the finance/admin/hr side.
  2. I would like to store employee training certificate into the directory and to know what courses they have completed or are support to undertake. Example a checklist for training modules, time, conductor name, and training time given.
  3. Some companies have a lot of policies, I hope we can store those online for users to download and refer to those directly from the system. Something like a directory board.

7. Any advice for company who wish to use HRSifu?

Please understand that HRSifu leave management is free to use. Next, you will probably have to justify your implementation of HRSifu to your superiors or board of directors. Know all the functions and features, then form a group to test and play around with the leave and create scenarios on leave applications. Always think “WHAT CAN GO WRONG!” and keep pushing the system until you have cleared all doubts. Of course from experience I can vouch that HRSifu has been able to handle every complicated leave cases we had at the Ace Dot My.

When unsure, I wrote an email just to double check on some of the features.  Of course another advice would to be to save a copy of the data on a monthly/weekly basis to ensure backup just in case (I had an experience with the other older software and I am very paranoid with wipe-out cases).

Finally if there are companies in the northern region of Malaysia who require consultation on HRSifu, I can always provide my services to help.

It is a “MUST” have app to have for any company.

Try out HRSifu employee self service e leave management system.

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