Expense Claim April New Features

Expense Claim April New Features

March 31, 2018 Blog, Expense Claim 0

We introduced expense claim management system on January 2018. We are rolling out new improvements from the feedback that we gathered from our customers.

  1. Expense Claim Monthly and Yearly Limit
    In addition to the Transaction limit, now you can set monthly and yearly limit for each claim category. This will help put in check and control when employee submit an expense claim.
    Refer to this article for the details and how to set the expense claim limit.
  2. Show Limit on the Claim Form
    An employee creates an expense claim form and select the category. If there’s a limit set for the selected category, it will be shown on the form. The system will calculate the amount that’s been spend and show a limit diagram. When the amount is more than the transaction, monthly or yearly limit, an error message will be shown and the employee won’t be able to submit the form. This will also be shown to the manager when viewing the form for approval.
  3. Action for you to do View
    As more employee submit leave and claim request, the Action for you to do will show a long list in the Dashboard. Now, it will show the latest 5 request. You can click on the ‘See all pending tasks with details’ button to go to the approval view. It provides sortable table with filter functions. Refer to this article for the details.
  4. Submit Claim on Behalf of Employee
    Admin can submit claim on behalf of employee. On certain occasion, if an employee needs to claim above the limit, admin can help submit on their behalf. Admin have the rights to submit above the set limit.

We appreciate feedback from our value customers.

Launching of Expense Claim Management System

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