Introducing Leave New Features

Introducing Leave New Features

February 2, 2018 Blog 0

We aim to keep administrative task to the minimal. Now employee leave profile can inherit settings from the company leave policy.

  1. Inherit Leave Policy’s Configuration
    When this setting is enabled, any changes in the company leave policy will automatically update the employee’s leave profile. For newly created users, this setting is enable by default. For current users, this is disable as some employee have custom employee leave profile. So admin need to update the employees leave profiles once to enable those who should inherit from the company leave policy. View how to enable the setting.
  2. Enable double decimal on HR Adjustment
    Admin can put in double decimal number in the HR Adjustment. Normally adjustment is only needed when first setup the employee leave profiles.
  3. Admin can disable leave request
    Now there’s option to disable user from submitting leave request. This is useful especially when nearing to the leave cut off date. You can announce to your company employees to submit all their leave and approval before a certain date. Then disable the leave application for the new year processing.

Check out how our customers simplify the leave management for their company. You can implement it in your company too. Try it out now.

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