Launching of Expense Claim Management System

Launching of Expense Claim Management System

January 7, 2018 Blog, Expense Claim 0

HRSifu expense claim management system is launch today

Is your company having difficulty keeping track of receipts and claim forms? HRSifu Expense Claim helps to track, submit and manage expense claims easily. It provides flexible setup and approving workflow. Keep receipts in the expense claim system for recording, claiming and approving expense claims on the go.

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Setup different categories of expense claim.
Setup the approval workflow for the expense claim.
Submit an expense claim.
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Additional Information

Expense claim module is a premium feature on HRSifu. Your company can try it out for free until June 2018. The subscription will be announce on April. You can opt to disable the expense claim if your company does not need it.

By the way, you can still continue to use the leave module on HRSifu for FREE.

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