Do Part-Time Employees Get Leave Benefits?

Do Part-Time Employees Get Leave Benefits?

June 7, 2018 Blog

With the rise of the “gig economy”, more workers are seeking freelance or part-time employment.

A ‘part-time employee’ is defined in the Employment Act as an employee covered by the Act whose average hours of work as agreed with his/her employer do not exceed 70% of the normal hours of work of a full-time employee employed in a similar capacity in the same enterprise. Hence for example, in an enterprise where similar full-time employees work 48 hours per week, a part-time employee will be an employee whose average hours of work do not exceed 33.6 hours per week.

The figure details the leave entitlements in Malaysia for full time employee compare to part time employee.

Part time employees do entitle to annual leave and sick leave base on the number of years in service. But they are not entitle to hospitalisation and maternity leave. Here are the details for part time employee leave entitlements and full time employee leave entitlements.

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Part-time Employees Leave Entitlement in Malaysia
Leave Entitlement in Malaysia

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