Six Benefits of Using Online Leave Management System

Six Benefits of Using Online Leave Management System

May 30, 2017 Blog 0

Leave management is a very important process in HR. It can take up a lot of time, especially when you are using an Excel spread sheet or a paper calendar. This can lead to major problems if these systems are not managed correctly. HRSifu, a free online leave management system that businesses can use to avoid the problems that other systems can have. Here are a few of the major benefits of using online leave management system.

1. Accurate Information

The major advantage of using leave management system is that it provides you with accurate information about leave trends and balances. This can help you predict what human resources will be available at any point.

2. Helps with Compliance with the Leave Policy

The lack of knowledge about the business’s leave policy will lead to the policy rules not being followed by both managers and employees. Leave management system has rules that do not allow the managers or employees to bypass the set rules when applying for and approving leaves. This means that you know that everyone is following the leave policy.

3. Saves Time

The question of how much leave time does an employee have usually takes extra time to answer. Online leave management system makes it easy to find out how much time an employee has available for leave. HRSifu, allow the employee to check this information on their own, so even more time is saved.

4. Instant Information about the Employee

Leave management system saves all the relevant data about an employee and will bring the employee’s file up when they apply for leave. This can help HR and their manager know if they have any leave time left, and when they took leave last. This helps reduce the amount of time it takes to figure out if an employee can actually go on leave and how long the leave can be.

5. Multi-location Management

Having more than one location can make it difficult to use an Excel spread sheet to keep track of everyone’s leave times and dates. This can cause a location to be either under staffed or over staffed at times. Online leave management system can be used to track all the business’s employees and their leave dates, which lowers the risk that a location will have too few workers on any given day.

6. Improves Discipline

When attendance and leave days are tracked accurately, it can help build discipline in the organisation. This is because all the information about what days an employee works and does not work is tracked. There are companies that will use leave days for sick days if an employee has used all their sick days up. You can make your own rules about how you are going to treat attendance and leave days, but tracking them is a key to a good system.

Making the switch to using leave management system does not need to be a complex or time-consuming process. You will need to transfer the information in the system, but once that is done, the HR team can just update the system with the new information.

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